World-Class Infrastructure

Step into the world of Megaa Moda, where innovation and excellence in the seafood industry are the driving forces. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure embodies our unwavering commitment to quality and efficiency. Equipped with cutting-edge machinery and facilities, we have raised the bar in the industry and are steadfastly dedicated to delivering the finest quality shrimp products to our customers across the globe.

Our pre-processing capacity is propelled by an automatic grading machine and a peeling machine, each boasting a capacity of 3MT/hr. In terms of processing, we are unparalleled, with a 3 plate freezer handling 30MT/day, a blast freezer taking on 10MT/day, and a JBT Sweden IQF freezer with a capacity of 40MT/day. Our tube ice/flake ice capacity is 100MT/day, and our cold storage can hold up to 2600 MT. We can blanch up to 10MT/day. With an annual production capacity of 7500 MT, we are dedicated to upholding the highest global standards with our advanced technologies.

At Megaa Moda, we take pride in producing the finest quality shrimp products, and our infrastructure's efficiency is no exception. Our investment in cutting-edge equipment and facilities ensures streamlined and effective operations that exceed the highest global standards. Our dedication to quality has been acknowledged by quality control organizations such as IOS 9001:2015, MPEDA, EIA, and FSSAI. Moreover, we are certified by the US FDA, BAP, and BRC.

Our world-class infrastructure forms the backbone of our success, providing us with the tools and resources we need to deliver unparalleled quality and value to our customers. We are proud to lead the way in the industry, setting new standards, and paving the path for others to follow.