Yogesh Gupta at the Launch of DGFT's e-Connect Platform*At the Launch of DGFT's e-Connect Platform

On June 21, 2024, our Managing Director, Yogesh Gupta, had the honour of participating in the launch of the Director General of Foreign Trade's (DGFT) comprehensive e-connect platform. This initiative is a significant step forward in addressing the information challenges faced by small exporters, providing them with one-stop solutions for trade, tariff, marketing intelligence, and more.

During the event, Mr. Gupta highlighted the pressing issues affecting exports, including the impact of the Red Sea crisis on freight rates and competitiveness. He emphasized the need for strategic measures to support and enhance the capabilities of exporters, especially in the Eastern region.

The e-connect platform is designed to streamline processes, improve access to vital trade information, and foster a more supportive ecosystem for small exporters. By digitizing and simplifying trade-related procedures, the platform aims to contribute significantly to the ease of doing business and the growth of the export sector.

We invite you to read the full press release by the Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) here: www.fieo.org/PR210624
to learn more about this pivotal development.

Mr. Gupta's participation in this event reflects our commitment to supporting the export community and enhancing trade capabilities to contribute to India's progress towards becoming a developed nation.

Key Highlights

*Participation in the DGFT e-connect platform launch
*Addressing information challenges for small exporters
*Emphasis on strategic measures to enhance competitiveness
*Commitment to supporting the export community