omega replica watches and Rafael Nadal: The Ultimate Performance Test

Mille was able to equip Nadal with a wristwatch equipped with a tourbillon that he wore to every match at the French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open. This feat was completely unprecedented. Although there are many watch brands that sponsor athletes in a variety of sports, Nadal wore his omega replica watches watch to win. Until then, no one had ever worn a watch mechanical, much less a tourbillon while competing.omega replica watches The fact that Nadal did it, and the watch clearly had no negative impact on his game, but was actually an asset to his game, is evidence positive of Mille’s assertion that his timepieces were ultimate performance instruments.

Mille says, "I consider Rafael Nadal (and Felipe Massa) to be partners. The difference is that I don't want them to wear my watches on-court or off-court. They should test my watches in competition.omega fake watches I want them use the watches to their limits and to abuse them to show their technical value.

omega replica watches and Nadal in the RM 027/02


Mille says it was not easy to convince Nadal to wear a watch while competing. I knew that he was going to be difficult to convince. He is obsessed with details and preparation. He has to set up his drinks when he arrives on court. It's impossible. It is impossible for me to wear a watch while I play. It would ruin my balance and cause me to lose focus. It would be a disaster.Rolex Daytona Replica Watches The watch I created was guided by these four goals. The first objective was lightness, followed by shock-resistance and comfort. Finally, I had to make a mechanical compromise. This was because Nadal and King of Spain rhapsodized about the lightness and comfort of the RM 009 tourbillon. Mille says that Nadal finally agreed to test it, but made no promises that he would wear the watch during competition.

(From Left: omega replica watches's RM027 proto - one the first experiments using carbon injected polymer. Carbon nanotubes to the exact. The RM 027 has a monobloc carbon nanofibre case and aluminium lithium bridges, making it super lightweight and strong. A close-up view of the RM 027's tourbillon.

The ultra-light tourbillon device is isolated from shocks, especially during Nadal’s aggressive backhand. To do this, the ultra-light movement and the case are connected using skeletonized bridges that look like suspension arms for a racecar.

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