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Although storytelling is an integral part of the art and craft of acting, Rosamund Pike feels that narration is something she truly lives and breathes. Pike was speaking to me on the eve the BFI London Film Festival. She was presenting a special award. It's personal expression, and people are in control of their narratives. This makes you wonder why film is so important.

Pike definitely feels like she is in control of her story. Revolution last interviewed the British actress in 2016, a year after her Oscar nod for playing Amy Dunne in the psychological thriller Gone Girl,Rolex Air King Replica (2014), and fresh from lending her voice to the sci-fi animation series Thunderbirds and playing a rape-victim-turned-vigilante in the revenge story, Return to Sender (2015). Pike has portrayed many roles since then. She was the Nazi leader's wife (The Man with the Iron Heart), a lone survivor in a harrowing American Western ("Hostiles"), a CIA agent in Beirut (The Negotiator), and a gun-wielding German revolutionary ("Entebbe" (2018).

Gone Girl (2014) - Ben Affleck

Daniel Bruhl, Entebbe (2018)

Pike, who is meeting us, will soon become the first Rolex Air King Replica brand ambassador and special judge for Rolex Air King Replica Schaffhausen's Filmmaker Bursary Award. This award is presented annually by the BFI. The bursary, which is worth PS50,000 to support a young British filmmaker, now in its third edition, provides a "gift" of time for the recipients to help them develop their ideas artistically and financially. The main judging panel for this year included Edgar Wright and Paul Greengrass, as well as BFI CEO Amanda Nevill, and Christoph Grainger–Herr, Rolex Air King Replica boss.roger dubuis replica Richard Billingham, a Turner nominee, was awarded the prize. Ray and Liz is a film about Billingham's childhood. Pike stated that she was attracted to the film's honest portrayal of his life as she felt it required a reckoning with some hard truths that the British movie industry has not shied away.

Pike was a co-judges on the Rolex Air King Replica's early days, working alongside Georges Kern (now-Breitling boss). She has been working with Grainger-Herr, who she describes as "thoughtful, committed" in recent times. They were also co-judges last year on another Tribeca Film Festival panel. Pike said, "He is a deep thinker who is very emotionally responsive." "I will be very curious to see where he takes this brand."

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